Come to where wide open space awaits

Desaru Coast offers the great escape from the crowd. With wide open space, 17-km of coastal line and immersive activities to cater to those seeking a relaxed rejuvenation from the locked down, to the active travellers seeking to improve their health and wellness, and those with an adventure for new knowledge.

The sunny side of life is that you can decide your vacation goals. We hear your aspirations and we have curated programmes under four areas of interest, nature inspired & edutainment, off the beaten track, adrenaline activities and wellness experience.

We encourage visitors to explore the whole of Desaru, vast opportunities await for those seeking a true escape. Welcome to Desaru Coast, the sunny side of life.

Please note that these times and activities are all subject to change.
For more information, please contact +6019 791 2217 or

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